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Super Crazy and Beautiful Homes Your Favorite Celebrity Live In


Super Crazy and Beautiful Homes Your Favorite Celebrity Live In

 Celebrities take it to the next level when they are investing in homes. The money has to go somewhere, who cares about the rent?

Celebrities love doing everything big! From considerable parties to vacations, weddings, cars, and of course, investing in real estate. For what most of us only dream, these guys have them, and they have the best of it all. Our regular homes are nothing compared to the big mansions that they have; they don’t even have to worry about rent and mortgage! The money is free-flowing. Check out these celebrities on how to have the largest and the most expensive real estate in the H-world. 

1. Mel Gibson

Even though he owns many luxurious properties but his Costa Rican hideaway makes it to the list. His feature includes many lavish things, such as a 2-mile long beachfront and a view to the beautiful forest. I’m sure he was investing in real estate to be closer to nature. The house’s interior is as beautiful as the exterior with Spanish and Italian tiles. Moreover, some balconies look over the courtyard, and it would be such a delight living in such a house free of rent. 

2. P. Diddy 

Who doesn’t love the big older man with his big old houses? He has invested in many lovely homes, but he made sure that when he was investing in real estate, he was making the right choice. Celebrities don’t even have to take loans. I’m so envious! Whether it is investing in commercial real estate or investing in a home, P. Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, isn’t behind anyone. He has a two-story, European style, majestic-looking villa in Los Angeles, CA. Sean calls this his family home. He bought it in 2014 and 6 years later, still has it and still loves it. This stunning villa has eight bedrooms, eleven bathrooms, a private gym, a spa room, and a massage room. Hell, yeah! A dream house for sure. 

3. Will Smith. 

As funny as Will Smith is, he’s smarter when it comes to investing in real estate. When buying a new home, make sure you aren’t taking any loans, because as soon as you know, you would go bankrupt. So always keep a backup plan and plan out buying a new home with smartness. Will Smith did the same – his home is his own, and he doesn’t have to pay rent. The best part about owning a property isn’t it. 

His home appears very simple and traditional, and his wife, Jada Smith, is also the owner. Will is a basketball lover, and what would he be his house with a court? The house has nine big lavish bedrooms with a beautiful design. 

4. Ellen DeGeneres

How could not mention the funniest woman of all time? Ellen and her wife have the gorgeous property massively spread on 17 acres. From the balcony, you can view the Pacific ocean. We all know that Ellen and her wife are vegan and how much they love nature. Thus, their sole purpose is to do something for the earth, and so even their home is designed sustainably. They invested in house, also known as The Villa, that was built in 1930, so it is quite old and holds that historical beauty as well as significance. Ellen has a lovely garden with an outdoor pizza oven and has hosted her parties there. She changes homes very frequently, and the last one she bought was in 2012, and it was not on the mortgage. How precious are these people? 

5. Tom Cruise

 This one might be a little unbelievable! Our mission impossible has a large home! And when I say massive, I mean 289 acres! Woah, so that’s where all the movie money went. Tom was investing in real estate while we were sitting at home, oozing over his charm. His home has full windows, and they allow a majestic view of the mountains. The house itself is small, but the courtyard and gardens are enormous. The home only has three small bedrooms with an attached bathroom, and that’s pretty much it. I can’t decide what he loves, the simplicity, or the luxurious living? 

Let’s get going

Which one of these was your favorite? Have you ever wanted to have a big mansion? I sure am tired of paying so much rent. Celebrities have extravagant lives and investing in real estate or investing in commercial real estate helps them stay secure and free of worries. As we all know that sometimes even the rich hit rock bottom and have to sell real estate to buy something on rent. Let us know below which superstars home you find best. 

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