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Career choice? Career change? Top things to think about


Career choice? Career change? Top things to think about

I don’t know about you, but when I was in high school, and my teacher decided to talk about choosing careers, I was wholly unprepared. I believe I was not the only kid who felt that way.

Back then, all I cared about was being successful, and landing the highest paying jobs. Since I was not aware of my real needs, I ended up making the wrong choices. 

Looking back now, I realized that a lot of people fail to consider a lot of things when choosing a career. Let’s look at nursing, for example. That said, there are essential things to consider before making up your mind to work in a field that offers some of the highest-paying jobs. Freelance jobs, civil service jobs are great choices you should consider when making a decision.

 Choosing a future career isn’t just for young people, undergraduates, or even graduates. It’s also for you and me who might have made mistakes in our choices in the past. And what is a better way to correct these mistakes by picking a career that we would enjoy?

Keep reading to see the top things to consider when choosing your career. 

1.Know Yourself 

I guess you’ve heard this maxim: Man, know thyself. Well, in terms of choosing a career, it is no different. Self-assessment is the first step, and often, the primary step in choosing a career. If you know yourself, you can tell your strengths and your weaknesses. But most importantly, the kinds of jobs you’ll be willing to do. 

Other things to consider are your skills and where they’ll best fit in to give you an advantage. Someone who has great people skills should look for careers where that would be a significant need. You might even consider getting a career counselor to help you figure out most of these things. 

2. Who do you want to work for? 

It would be best if you also considered who will be in charge of paying your bill. If you trust the government to do that, I guess you’ll be looking for civil service jobs. 

If you’d prefer to be paid by a private business, then you have to choose the right one. Companies like Amazon support their workers by developing a career through the Amazon career choice program. Through this program, Amazon pays 95% of its workers to study high marketable skills for their future career building. 

Pick companies that can support your dreams just as Amazon does with its Amazon career choice program.

3. What Work Schedule You Prefer

How many hours a day are you ready to dedicate to work? Knowing the number of working hours is also something to consider. If you hate shifts and double shifts, then steer clear of medical jobs like nursing or being a doctor. If you must be in the medical field, look out for other options such as being a medical administrative assistant or picking up one of those medical jobs. 

For instance, I wouldn’t say I like the idea of working a 9-5 job but would instead prefer something with flexible hours such as a freelance job.

I guess being independent and a freelancer is perfect for people who thrive on deadlines and flexible work schedules.

5. Marketability of Your Chosen Career 

It’s not just about choosing to work as a digital marketer or freelance writer; salability is equally, if not more important. Your chosen career, while making you happy and fulfilled, might not be marketable? 

All these other factors like happiness count, but without marketability, you won’t be able to achieve them as well. I don’t think there’s anyone who will be happy when they aren’t able to market their skills successfully. So, choose the right.

It is noteworthy that choosing a career depends on several factors – factors that you must consider before making a choice. Be sure to acknowledge most of the things discussed above for a mustard seed. It isn’t too late to make the right career choice, at least not with programs like the Amazon career choice program.

Curious and assertive, i am always looking to find the sub text in each event. Years as a writer of a news company, I found out that to each story there is a background explanation that is not revealed to the common eye. This is were i like to come in and reflect my light on the non obvious things and give you food for thought. are you hungry? :)

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