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We are passionate news writers with a regular day job in one of the biggest news site in Cyprus. We are exposed daily to various trends, movements, actions and we would like to share our personal thoughts on those in a casual tone. Furthermore, we would like to hear other peoples thoughts and create a flow of discussion between our readers on the daily things that happen around us.

Although we have our day job, we are doing our best efforts to share with you our thoughts and review of daily entertainment news, we will try to answer all of your comments and manage a real friendly discussion with our readers.

We hope that you will like the daily news that we post in the website and that you will find our point of view interesting. We aim to give you not only the most actual news, rather to give our unique point of view and life wisdom.

We are excited that you are part of our new journey and we are looking forward to join you to our small community.

Thank you for your time

Cheers 😊

Feel free to drop us a line, we would love to hear your thoughts, comments or ideas


Trachoniou 5 St. 2546 Dali, Nicosia, Cyprus


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